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Dressed for Love


United by family, love, and a penchant for fine clothing, three spirited Victorian ladies risk all to find their happily ever afters in Dressed for Love.


RUFFLING HER SKIRTS Lady Annabelle Harwich achieves her heart’s desire when she opens her dress shop on Bond Street. She’s buried the past in yards of fabric, knitted up the raveled sleeve of care, and declared herself an independent woman in Victorian London. All is well until the day Edmund Woodmore, Viscount Wolfston, returns from his forced exile in Antigua—an exile she compelled. Upon Edmund’s homecoming, the ton twitters with delight. The prodigal son is home and, according to gossip, ready to marry. The chirps of the ton soon reach Lady Annabelle’s Finery and new ball gowns sell on the chance Edmund might dance with one of the peer’s daughters. Yet, Edmund only wants to twirl the beautiful dressmaker around the floor. Tempting a woman who needs no one into marriage proves difficult, but Edmund perseveres and slowly convinces Annabelle that he’s no longer the careless rake who abandoned her when she might have needed him most.


RIVETING HIS ATTENTION Lady Ella Harwich is capricious. At least that’s what her older brother thinks. However, when it comes to Jim Ferguson, Lady Ella is quite serious. One long, lingering kiss put Jim at the center of her romantic desires and at the top of her list of suitors. And she plans to keep him there. Unfortunately, Jim wants off her list because of a secret past, a career as a ship builder instead of a gentleman, and his own inability to resist her. Proving her love—and his worthiness for her love—is Ella’s only way to rivet his attention.


RAISING HER HOPES Sidney Ferguson has one objective when he arrives in Bath, England. He plans to leave his daughter with relatives before returning to the United States to embark on a dangerous mission for the Union Army. An encounter with the beautiful Belinda Ferguson strikes like lightning at his heart, but she doesn’t give her love or attention freely. Belinda’s past makes her cautious about placing her trust, especially in a man who must leave her to complete his task. Despite the separation his work requires, Sidney convinces her to risk loving him and she dares to raise her hopes.



"Delightful read!! I enjoyed being taken inside the workings of the dress shoppe owned and operated by Lady Annabelle Harwich. The story is as classified a historical vintage romance. There is a mix of humor, family and personal values during that era. A very enjoyable read!!!"

--Carol Smith


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