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Ellen Takes Troy


Ellen Gardner is a SPAR, in the Coast Guard's women's auxiliary, processing paperwork for long lines of Coast Guard members mustering out at the end of World War II. When Troy Carver appears in front of her, both remember the amazing going-away kiss they shared one cold night on the shores of Lake Michigan, just before he shipped out. The fire of their interrupted romance is rekindled in the warm nights, hot sands, and sunny skies of St. Augustine.


With marriage in mind but unmentioned, Troy is ready to give up his dream of owning his own business for the traditional safety of a steady income to support a stay-at-home wife, while Ellen, now an independent modern woman, has a job lined up and is eager to be a useful part of the business world. Can they learn to communicate and make decisions together, or will the historic Ponce de Leon Hotel forever hold bitter memories?




"Ellen and Troy have an innocent past, but he always knew she was much more than his best friend's little sister. Then WW II intervened, and their relationship had to remain in the bud. The time is ripe for them to renew old acquaintance. Basically, they are the same people, but their war experiences have, of necessity, changed them in certain ways. The author presents both of them as they have evolved to the present time.


A chance meeting is always an excellent hook for a good romance. Troy, mustering out from the Coast Guard, recognizes the woman processing him as Ellen, whose goodbye kiss invaded his dreams by night as he watched for German U-boats by day. Now, he can make those dreams come true. Unfortunately, he's grown used to the authority he had as a Chief Petty Officer, and she's become independent through her work as a S.P.A.R. The ring in his pocket doesn't seem to mean a happy ending after all unless they can find middle ground.


The author's use of WW II background is intriguing. Her descriptions of the Florida setting are worked into the narrative in a way which adds to the overall romantic atmosphere."


"Ellen Takes Troy is a fast-paced, believable short."

--Judy from Romancing the Book


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