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White Pine Island Stories, book 3


Some secrets need a little time to tell…


Celeste Fitzgerald and Mike Phillips danced around each other for four years until the spring night when they tangoed in his bed. Wary of relationships, Mike shoved her out the door in the morning. He’s been burned before, and no one knows that better than Celeste. Still, there’s something about the lovely, dark-haired artist he is unable to ignore. When she reaches out to him again in June, he can’t help but grasp her hand and pull her close.

Loving Mike is the easy part for Celeste. Telling him she’s carrying his baby frightens her into silence. As the summer heats up, Celeste bides her time, waiting for the right moment to tell him that their one night together in the spring formed an undeniable link between them. When she reveals the truth, will he shoot away from her faster than a July Fourth rocket or color her world with a burst of fireworks?


Can an unexpected island rhythm change everything?


Although Easton Phillips loves being the resident architect for his family’s Grand Hotel, meeting Rose Webb isn’t on his drawing board. He’s heard of her reputation as a pianist, but when she comes to White Pine Island to play in the hotel orchestra for the summer, he discovers she’s far more than just a beautiful and talented musician. No matter how irresistible she is, Easton fears her aspirations are bigger than the island he calls home.

Rose Webb always dreamed of playing piano masterpieces in concert halls, but a setback forces her to take a break. She hopes playing the piano with the Grand Hotel orchestra will restore her passion for music and energize her for the most important audition of her life. But what if her summer job comes with the unexpected--falling in love and questioning her heart’s desire?

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