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Tempted by Adam


Adam Gable has one idea in mind when he moves to Cape Charles, Virginia, after the long years of WWII -- build a business handcrafting wooden boats and forget the loss of his brother in the war. Rescuing the lovely Shelby Stanton when her auto gets loose on the ferry gives him another interest, but she's second to his boat.


Shelby, a local reporter, plans to leave this little town where everyone knows her as a war widow. But she has one assignment left: interviewing Adam as a local veteran resuming civilian life as a businessman. One conversation and a boat ride on the beautiful Chesapeake Bay should give her a great story and answer her question: Are her feelings for this handsome former Coast Guard officer real?


When the water sizzles with their attraction, Shelby finds her answer. But with Adam pouring all his time and money into his boat, how will Shelby tempt him away?




"Shelby was a war widow and Adam a returning Coast Guard veteran. Shelby is ready for a new start and Adam wants to begin a boat building business. A great love story with just the right amount of chemistry and twists for a great read."

--N. Bright


"TEMPTED BY ADAM is a historical romance themed around the concept of love being the gateway to redemption in addition to second chances. Set immediately following World War II, the novel has a gentle tone and nostalgic atmosphere. This is one of those rare instances where the lovely cover truly captures the essence of the story. While I'm not really familiar with the Chesapeake Bay region, the setting was well described in a way that created sensory richness. Likewise, the author does an excellent job of capturing the feel of the time period. Speech, clothing, and cultural attitudes feel authentic.


My favorite aspect of the story was the heroine, Shelby, who is a war widow and a reporter for a small newspaper. I loved her fierce independence and self-possession, especially living in an era when individuality was not necessarily a trait encouraged in women. She's courageous in her willingness to forsake social conventions and risk her heart for the sake of finding love again.


Adam, a former Coast Guard officer, embodies the idealized masculine traits of his era. He is hardworking, determined, ambitious and competitive. While admirable, his strengths are also his flaws. Much of the conflict that initially keeps the hero and heroine apart is due to Adam's old fashioned ideas about economic differences between men and women, and also how much wealth a man should have to be able to afford a wife. They both also lost someone they loved in the war, and so survivor's guilt plays an important role.


I loved the initial reluctance of the couple to be together despite their mutual attraction. Their flirtation heightened the romantic tension. Love scenes were a couple notches above sweet but not quite into the heat levels I'm accustomed to seeing in more contemporary novels. I enjoyed the details provided about sailing and ships, and really appreciated the author's attention to family relationships. I cheered Shelby when she acted as a peacemaker between Adam and his estranged parents. I cared about the characters and what happened to them, and found the HEA-ending to be absolutely satisfying."

--Melissa Snark of The Snarkology


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